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This resins are medium reactive, quick curing Unsaturated Polyester Resin of Orthophthalic Grade for General Purpose laminating purpose. It is suitable for both hand lay-up and spray-up application. SKR 1101 readily impregnates fibrous reinforcing materials such as glass, cloth or mat to produce laminates having good mechanical strength, toughness and rigidity. Pre-accelerated type of General purpose resin is also available. For pre-accelerated resin, accelerator must be added by users in accordance with their requirements.

This resin is used for making a variety of glass fibre reinforced plastic products such as Boats, bus shelters, telephone booths, stadium seat, bath tubs, water storage tanks, cooling towers, plant and flower pots, models, containers, dustbins, safety helmets, ash trays, septic tanks, car body, sporting equipments, concrete framings, chairs and tables, and other household articles. The resin is also used for potting and encapsulation in decorative applications. Glass fibre Reinforced laminates made with this resins possess excellent mechanical strength and have good rigidity and outstanding durability.

Grades Available


Orthophthalic Polyster Resin

Grade No: SKR 1101TDS

Orthophthalic Polyster Resin

Grade No: SKR 1102TDS