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SKR 3101 is a high molecular weight Bisphenol Fumarate Unsaturated Polyester Resin. This resin offers a high degree of chemical resistance to a wide range of aggressive environments such as acids, alkalies and salt solutions at elevated temperatures. SKR 3101 is suggested for the fabrication of Chemical process equipments such as storage tanks, pipes linings etc., where resistance to corrosion at high temperatures is desired.

FRP laminates made using SKR3101 demonstrate excellent retention of mechanical properties at elevated temperatures. It also provides excellent resistance to highly acidic and extremely caustic environments.

SKR 3101 has an excellent shelf life and is ideal for filament winding and spray-up applications. It is used in a wide range of corrosion resistance applications like, Electroplating Industries, Paper and Pulp Industries, Fertilizer Industries, Battery Container, Transportation and storage of various chemicals etc.

Grades Available


Bisphenol Resin

Grade No: SKR 1201TDS