Gel coat is a polyester resin specially formulated with Thixotropic Ingredients for increased viscosity and Non-sag properties. Gel coats are Versatile and Durable coatings used in the production of composites parts. Gel coats are applied as Mold coatings, the first step in composites part production. Gel coats protect the mold from abrasion and chemical attack during the remainder of the production process, and provide a releasable coating to aid in de-moulding operations.

Skyline Gel coats are designed for use in the Marine, Building and Transport Industries. It is also suitable for General Moulding requirements.

The Gel coat is usually the first layer applied to the mould and its purpose is to:

Grades Available:

S.No. Type of Resin Grade No.  
1 Orthophthalate Gelcoat for General Purpose Application SKR1401 TDS
2 Orthophthalate Gelcoat-Pigmented for General Purpose Application SKR1401/P TDS
3 Isophthalate Gelcoat Resin SKR2401 TDS
4 Isophthalate Gelcoat Resin-Pigmented SKR2401/P TDS
5 NPG Isophthalate Gelcoat Resin SKR7401 TDS
6 Flame Retardant Orthophthalate Gel Coat Resin SKR1401F TDS
7 Flame Retardant Isophthalate Gel Coat Resin SKR2401F TDS

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